Thursday, June 30, 2005

Go Check Out Alaska Before It Melts

Alaska is changing by the hour. From the far north, where higher seas are swamping native villages, to the tundra around Fairbanks, where melting permafrost is forcing some roads and structures to buckle in what looks like a cartoon version of a hangover, to the rivers of ice receding from inlets, warmer temperatures are remaking the Last Frontier State.

And yea, I lived there for two years, and yea, Fairbanks needs a major overhaul. Cabins built on tundra that never froze are now looking like shipwrecks crushed by melting ice-as-earth.

Not quite apocalyptic yet, but hey, catch it while it's still cold.

If nothing else, it'll be a great place to retire when the Midwest turns into a desert.


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Anonymous said...

Yep, we'll have that fabled North West passage folks have been looking for in the far north for 600 years by 2040 if not sooner. What joy! Quicker and cheaper shipping from the Orient made possible by an environmental disaster that will cut off AK from the rest of the 48 states. (Yes, the whole world was built on that permafrost. The AK pipeline. Some parts of the AlCan Hwy. Lots of housing). So for awhile I expect plenty of floods and moving landscapes. It could be great for archaeology if anyone cared enough to fund it.  

Posted by VJ

David Moles said...

And I hear there's grass growing in Antarctica.