Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good Morning, Chiklits

Ooogg, what a morning. Feeling groggy and sleep-deprived. Also, need cofffeeeee and some water.

Came home and cleaned the house for the apartment showing we had and the bunches that are today and spent the rest of the nigh hashing out some stuff with Jenn.

B's flying in tomorrow, so I figure I'll wash the bedsheets tonight (I know how nice it is to have clean bedsheets when I arrive at a place that's not mine), and we've got a bunch of weekend shinanigans planned. It'll be good to see him. We're somehow managing to see each other twice a month now - I fly to NY to see him, then two weeks later, he flys to Chicago to see me.

We're insane, I know.

On the upside, Eli sent me a cool box of goodies, including a new CD that I'm listening to again this morning Trocadero's Roses are Red, Violets are Blue (fans of Red vs. Blue will recognize the music!). Good stuff, good stuff. It also occurred to me that I should probably begin cultivating an interest in comic books. They do some cool shit with those.

5 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Since you're a sci-fi buff, and (in my opinion) good sci-fi comics are hard to come by, Warren Ellis' stuff might be a good place to start (Transmetropolitan is good, but more political commentary than sci fi, really--but Ocean is both). 

Posted by jpjeffrey

Anonymous said...

Heh, Red vs. Blue. *chuckles*

What specifically about comics were you interested in? Despite not having paid too much attention to the last three years of American comics, I can probably help point you in the right direction.

And yeah, I think you'd like Transmet. Ellis's more recent stuff is a bit patchy, IMHO. I think Ed Brubaker's Sleeper  might be up your alley too, but possibly that's missionary enthusiasm on my part.


Posted by Alec Austin

Anonymous said...

Transmetropolitan has a few standout obnoxious bits (the main character tends to directly speak for the writer) but overall it's a lot of fun if you can get into it.

Sandman, though, is amazing. It gets off to a slow start but grows into an incredible story. I'd recommend that more than anything.*


**in the world 

Posted by nerdlet

Anonymous said...

Alec, I'm not so sure what I'd be interested in... strong female heroines, obviously, stuff with really neat ideas regarding cool tech would a plus... And of course, anything with a civil war as a subplot, but I realize that's pushing it :) 

Posted by Kameron Hurley

jeff said...

I highly recommend Ocean by Ellis, if you want strong women characters and cool stuff. No civil war, exactly, unless you count the future UN against the future billionare corporation that is a VERY thinly disguised version of Microsoft, which by that point in time has gone into space exploration/exploitation....

Ocean isn't quite finished more issue tocome out, and then three months after that (or so) they'll probably do a trade of it.