Monday, January 17, 2005

But Boys Raised By Feminists Won't Get Laid. And Other Really Funny Bullshit

Actually, raising up boys to believe that women are people too is pretty fucking cool:

In the past several years we’ve seen a glut of magazine articles, talk shows and books like The War on Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Boys and The Decline of Males demonizing a simple term: feminism. How silly. Feminists are people who believe women deserve the same opportunities and compensation as men...

I believe feminists by their very nature imparted questioning minds to their sons, encouraging them to question stereotypes including those existing within our school system: jocks, nerds, freaks and snobs. They learned from us that name-calling is a critical part of alienation. We taught them to appreciate differences, not disdain them, to neither be nor seek victims.

We taught them to be discerning, to carefully evaluate influences, ranging from peer pressure to media input.

For feminists active in the business and political community, sons learned to interact with a myriad of individuals, from the powerful to the disenfranchised. They carried those experiences with them, and, I believe, profited as adults. I also think we imparted a sense of purpose in our sons, the knowledge that every life is part of something bigger and does make a difference.

Children of feminists know that every stand they take may not be popular. They may be subjected to ridicule or contempt as a result of their beliefs. But through the examples of their mothers, they know a worthy stand is worth the price.

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Anonymous said...

Do put in the context of the issue here. That's a pretty amazing story about Virgin Atlantic Air. If true, it's just about the most brazenly bone headed stupid and disgusting PR disaster waiting to happen to a publicly traded corp that I've seen in decades. Really sad, surreal and outrageous at the same time. Thanks Trish, now how about some advice for K on law schools? 

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