Monday, June 28, 2004

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The Death of Alternate History SF?

An interesting conversation about the dearth of female interest in alternate history SF and the lack of female writers/judges of Alt. History SF. Leguin, in one of her essays in her latest collection, A Wave in the Mind also discusses some interesting issues that come up when a primarily female jury is given leave to choose "best" works by male and female writers. When the female-dominated prize jury gave women the top three spots, they realized they would have to bump of them out and insert a male author, at risk of being seen as a "feminist cabal" (David Brin's term -- in conversation). It appears that male juries have no such fears.

A Conversation with KJ Bishop

KJ Bishop is doing some really, really interesting stuff. Her book, The Etched City, has now been sold three times: TOR UK, Prime, and now Spectra is coming out with a bigger print run/new cover edition in December. If you like plotless writing that brings you somewhere alien, with disagreeable but fascinating characters, Buy This Book. Buy copies for friends. Track down the rest of her stuff.

Excerpts of Jeff Vandermeer's Latest Available

Jeff Vandermeer. I read the first couple pages of his short story Dradin, In Love, and very nearly swooned. It's been a long time since a writer did that. In fact, I can't think of a writer who got me swooning quite so quickly quite so effectively. He's funny and brutal -- with Vandermeer, you may not know where you're going, but you always know it's going to be strange and wonderful.

The Obesity Myth: Another Scape Goat

Don't worry about "the last twenty pounds." You'll live longer by keeping them, and getting more exercise. Don't let consumer culture tell you otherwise.