Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Find it Appropriate That My Cure is "LIGHT SELF ON FIRE"

What kind of disease are you?

Kameron Hurley:

Kameron Hurley is caused by monkeys.

Kameron Hurley disease causes deadly flatulence upon infection.
To cure Kameron Hurley, light self on fire.

Off Again & Clarification

I have a good deal of things to say, but I'm channeling a lot of energy into fiction writing (selling fantasy's going to be getting more and more popular, eh?). Hopefully, I'll be resuming something more like my usual blogging schedule on Monday. Tonight, it's off to NY for some good-old-fashioned quality time with B. It's "meet the parents" weekend.

I'm bringing a very nice shirt.

Also, since I just can't resist, after nearly a year of gender-neutral blogging, I realize that I've previously been somewhat ambiguous about who exactly Jenn's SO is. Now that Jenn's Out, I get to use the pronoun SHE, and for blogging purposes, let's call her K.

Yes, that's right! I'm now officially able to say that Jenn's SO is, in fact, a GIRL!! Yes, I live in a houseful of BRILLIANT LESBIANS! They've been watching TENNIS all week and comparing notes about hot female tennis players (I don't much care for blonds, alas)! We go through oddles of FEMININE HYGIENE products! There is all sorts of GIRL LOVIN' in our house! They are both getting DOCTORAL DEGREES!

And, wow, our house hasn't been struck by lightning.

Neener neener neener

So ends that clarification, which I know several readers had asked about at some point...

You can all go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

CEO Barbie Gives Girls Unrealistic Career Images

Why is it these days that I'm having more and more trouble realizing I'm reading something from The Onion?


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Good Morning, Chiklits

I have coffee. It is good.