Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tonight's Training

Tonight it's 20 minutes swimming and 25 minutes running.

These are the times at which I start to get a little nervous. I'll do fine and all, but you start giving me 30 min of an exercise (my first 30 min swim is next week) and 20-30 of something else, and... whew. It's the anticipation that will cripple you.

So, um, I'm just not thinking about it?

Or thinking about the last 8 weeks?

I may have some hiccups with insulin adjustments next week when the times get longer. I'm just forgiving myself for those now, cause I know that leveling is going to be really frustrating.

Onward and tra la and all that.

How Did I Miss This One?

Ellen and Portia got married.

This makes me terribly happy.

Quote of the Day

"Vision without execution is a hallucination."
- Thomas Edison

More Reasons Not to Live in the Midwest

No power yet.

Every single place I passed on my route today that didn't have power yesterday?

Still didn't have power today.

I have not seen one power company truck in the last two days. Not one.

If I had a fireplace, this wouldn't be so annoying. But no fireplace means I can't cook tea or soup. Steph and the Old Man graciously invited me over to their place for dinner last night, since the entirety of my refrigerator is shot.

The only places that have power are:

1) People who never lost power in the first place
2) Hospitals
3) Oakwood, where the rich people live

The good news is!

At least the out of town cavalry is finally here.

There may be two whole stop lights working tomorrow.