Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is it September Yet?

This whole hang-out-with-your-boyfriend-five-times-a-year thing?

Tough. Manageable, and works for us, but tough. Particularly the last couple weeks at the tail end of the three month stretches.


Good thing I've got so much shit to do.

One for the Road

My life is one big loop of working writing and novel writing. I'm not complaining, mind, it's just that it means I'm far more prone to lose track of time these days.


"Now, being a predominantly fantasy writer, I don’t often deal with race (as we know it, I mean) in my writing."



Are there any other fantasy writers out there who consciously write work that they believe "doesn't deal" with race? For serious?


Please Do Edify Me…

As to why it is that 80% of the time you read one of those “Americans are all so FAT!” articles that the only gender whose FATNESS is measured from one decade to the next is… women? You can't tell me that it's about "AMERICANS" who are getting fatter and nobody did any comparisons on male weight (I have fat rants in droves, but this particularly sexist thing about all the fat talk drives me even battier than all the gross assumptions about fat people).

But then, men are SUPPOSED to be bigger. The truly grotesque are the women, who are all supposed to be taking up less space. And it's the women who should feel really bad about it, because they'll pay more money to get rid of it, and fail. Because women gain weight even more easily than their male American counterparts.

Holier than thou.