Friday, May 04, 2007

One For the Road

Conversations With My Roommate(s)

Ian and I went out on a beer and pie run tonight. On the way back, I mentioned I'd sent out some query letters today.

"Wow," Ian said, "if you got a big fat check for that book, you might almost be cool again."

State of the Union

Had to turn down interviews for a couple of short-term temp assignments because... well, after I was told I wasn't going to be interviewed for one of them, I went ahead and booked Wiscon for some extra days, and now I'm committed to doing that instead of a possible 2-week assignment for 20 an hour.

Dammit fucking hell.

But people are calling me now, and that's a huge improvement over the last few weeks. I'll take what I can get.

I've sent out some preliminary query letters for GW, and I'll be sending some more soon. The line edits are pretty much done, I'm just re-reading the last 80 pages or so and making sure my chapters are still sequential after some of the cutting I did.

Stephanie works at a hospital, so she asked around for some endocrinologist recommendations, and I have a name and number for a new one.

I'm interested in starting work on some new writing projects, but GW fine-tuning and marketing has been taking up a lot of energy. After this weekend, I should be able to finally start working on some original material again. It occurred to me the other day that I've been working on this book since 2003.

Spent the morning deferring my student loans and trying to find hardship applications for my credit cards, without much luck. Not sure what I'll do with those.

I wish I was doing a lot more - going to school, boxing classes - but I'd settle for being able to pay my bills.

I'm telling you: the whole starving artist thing is seriously overrated.

Gender Testing of Female Atheletes

Are you a boy or a girl? Flash presentation.

You know, I always wondered, do/did they ever test people competing as *male* atheletes to make sure they're *really* men, or has this always been some kind of wacked-out, let's make sure the girls are protected macho thing?