Friday, August 08, 2008

Cheap Thrills

I went out to lunch with the guys at work today, so I decided not to go to a show or bowling or anything tonight (it's all a tradeoff. I really needed to get out of the office, and I like hanging out with the guys, but I spent about $5 more than I wanted to. Water and the daily special next time, no sides).

Headed to the gym right after work, -75% of basal for an hour before and the hour during the workout. Didn't bottom out until the end. Took a lifesaver. Perfect 80 at dinnertime. For next time, -75% of basal an hour and a half before workout and half an hour during. Trial and error. There's no easy way out of it.

Walked over to the craft store across the street to look for a cheap (under $50) craft table, as I turned my pony mod table into my dining room table, and I miss my pony mods.

No luck, so I spent the evening walking among the local hotrod club cars assembled in the parking lot, then went over to The Greene and listened to some live music. It was a gorgeous summer night tonight. Kids dancing at The Greene. The whole fake town lit up. People eating ice cream. Security guys on bikes. A loud Ohio rendition of "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

Walked home, wrote two or three thousand more words of my version of The Empire Strikes Back (have I mentioned that Empire was my least favorite movie in the series? That explains a lot about my struggle with this book. It's a necessary book for the series arc, but a difficult and sometimes not-fun one), and listened to loud music.

Tomorrow: pancakes, loud music, and a bunch more words.

Now: blessed, lovely, fantastic sleep.


Long Push

90K or finish by Sunday.

Dare me.

You'll Be Seeing a Lot of These This Weekend

Just bear with me.

As of Next Month...

I will owe less than $10,000 on my Credit Card (back down to four figures, baby!)

I haven't seen four figures since before I got sick.

Mmmm health care and job layoffs, oh my.

But I'm actually doing this thing, yo.

Holy Shit

The last one of these I posted was back in March, and it looked like this:

What the fuck have I been doing the last five months? Besides moving and having a day job and getting on the pump?

Fuck, no wonder I've felt so fucking wacked out.

As of this morning:

Yeah, seriously. 3K in FIVE MONTHS.

On the one hand, fucking five months of nothing. On the other hand, I've gone over it so much in my head now that it feels more like I'm transcribing something that already happened instead of making something up. Which isn't quite as fun, but it does get it to get the fuck out faster.

The realistic goal is to hit 85,000 this weekend, but let's be fucking serious here.

I SHOULD be hitting 90K.

I can't believe that I really took a 6 month writing hiatus.

Dayton, OH - One of America's Fastet Dying Cities!


A year or two for some more corp copyediting on the resume, a car next year, and then it's time to get outta dodge.