Thursday, January 08, 2009

Images We Should Be Protected From

Whew! I'm glad my government censorship agencies are on the job!

What are you doing in the Spring of 2010?

I'll likely be in Peru.

Well, that's what I was supposed to be doing, but I'll likely be promoting God's War instead, as it looks like it'll be pushed back from a Fall 09 to a Spring 10 release date.

This is due mainly to all the craziness at my publisher currently (and in the publishing world in general). I'd figured this was likely to happen cause, you know, the book was sold a year ago and... no copyedits as yet. It was sort of inevitable that the book would be pushed back.

I don't have too many complaints - the book's still being published, and 2010 will likely be a better time to be a debut author (2010, man, look at that, that's like the future or something).

In the meantime, a Spring 10 release date means I've got to wait even longer before selling more books (my publisher gets first right of refusal on my next book, which I can't present to them until I deliver book 3). And in the short fiction world, well, I haven't been writing much of it. I figured I'd just churn out books happily...

Now I'm feeling like a seriously slacker writer. Nothing of mine will see print until 2010? Bummer.

So, I'm back to toodling with some short fiction pieces. There was a time when I strove to keep about 10-15 stories in the mail all the time. Whatever happened to those days? Ok, well, I guess I sold the sellable stories, is what happened, and then never created more.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm working toward creating a backlog again. It's been kind of refreshing. I've been stuck in the GW world for so long that I think a part of me has gotten bored and stale with it - which is funny because it's an awesome world - I'm just so brain-rutted about it that I've ceased to be able to push my imagination as far as it needs to go, in some instances, and I can see that when I'm going back to rewrite book 2.

We'll see if some short fiction can help jutter something loose.

P.S. Peru will be way better in October anyway!!