Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Back in Ohio after a long, good, but tiring break-neck vacation in the Portland/Seattle/Vancouver area. A few highlight below.

Other highlights included: the Space Needle, eating far too much clam chowder, the excellent latte at Pike's Place Market (best I ever had), hanging with my crazy family Saturday night, the incredible view of Seattle from our hotel and amazing back porch and firepit overlooking the ocean at the Seaside beach house.

An all around swell time. More pictures later.

Cannon beach!

Beating up a defenseless penguin on the Seattle waterfront.

Pirate store victuals!

Moulton Falls, a bit north of my home town. One of my favorite places.

Small Powell's bookstore outlet at PDX, right after we arrived on Tuesday.

Voodoo doughnut Queen. The line to get into this place was half a block long.

J's very convincing Sasquatch impression at Camp 18 on the way home from Seaside, OR.

Cannon Beach!

Falling asleep at the Space Needle while we waited for our table...