Monday, June 27, 2005

Workaday, Workadoo

I've started getting myself familiar with some very basic Arabic.

It's a fun little exercise. Arabic is a neat language to write. The biggest gripe I've got so far is the right-to-left reading and writing bit.

It's a bitch.

But very pretty.

Just a Little Off

Went to post another excerpt of God's War, and realized something in this section is really off. Raine needs to be scarier, the escape needs to be tougher, and the dialogue's really... off.

Need to re-tool.

So it goes.

Another Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

And, it keeps going... (good for Chris for getting back on topic).

Here's an interesting study via BFB about dieting and dying younger.

And my question is, why was the firearm unused? These were obviously not native Alaskans. Bears will kill you. In Alaska, there are bears. They are big. They will eat you. I promise.