Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In Which the World Doesn't End

Some time back, I misplaced my flash drive at the new day job, most likely while moving my office from downstairs to up. Long searches in old office, new office, and three different possible bags I may have stowed it in turned up nothing. The last backup of the files I had on the flash drive was from November 12th, saved to my laptop.

This was deeply crappy, but not a total fail, as I had printed out recent copies of Babylon and Iron Maiden. But it did mean lack of get-up-and-go due to the fact that, you know, I was going to have to retype at least half of 100 pages worth of stuff.

Last night I was going through my old laptop one last time to see if maybe I'd created another flash drive backup before that one, and lo and behold, I found that I'd recently replaced the Babylon file in the actual Babylon subfolder in my novels folder on my hard drive. So, I hadn't backed up the whole flash drive (most of that info doesn't change), but I *did* back up the stuff I was working on.

I'd started backing up projects I was regularly working to my laptop on back in December, with just such a scenerio in mind (copying over the whole drive got tedious). I really miss that damn flash drive, but at least I don't have to retype most of Babylon from scratch.

Now I need to effing get back to work on it.

Moral is, as ever: always backup.