Sunday, September 12, 2004

Snapshots From My Domestic Life


Took the overgrown herb garden of doom to task. The biggest of my basil plants is now over 2ft tall. I didn't know basil *grew* to be 2ft tall... Repotted the cilantro, which has proven to be far more delicate than I realized (there's a reason it comes *with* the roots at the grocery store - you can't mess with it *without* tearing it up by the roots).

Wiped down the kitchen, conducted the weekly bathroom cleaning ritual, vaccuumed all of the throw rugs (we have hardwood floors), dusted said hardwood floor in my room (I do all my morning weights and sit-ups standing on a rug on that floor, and it was collecting dust and other bits that I would find stuck to my skin as I took to the shower), reposted some notes of interest regarding futures novels, and reshuffled some of the photos clinging to the hutch over my desk (found the one of me and three high school buddies dressed in sheet-togas in Rome, standing in the balcony and looking in through the door - great pic), stacked all of the agent letters and agent packages I compiled last night and got them ready for sending out tomorrow, prepped my bag of goodies for martial arts class, and etc.

It's a gorgeous day in Chicago - 82 degrees, sunny, slight breeze, no humidity. Absolutley gorgeous. Opted out of my jogging and went on a bike ride instead. I took the Lakeshore trail all the way into downtown (the farthest I've made it thus far - ideally, I'd like to bike as far as Navy Pier and back), and looped back, which I think is just about 10 miles or so. I was really booking it today, enjoying the speed, weaving around pedestrians and getting passed by the most hardcore of roller bladers, watching pro bikers zip by on those delicate little bikes that look like they're made of wire hangers... I stopped at the beach, stuck my toes in the sand, and looked out at the jet skiers, sailboats and motorboats playing out in the lake. Frickin' gorgeous.

A local writing colleague is organizing a couple writing sessions this week at cafes downtown (a bunch of writers take over a coffee shop, drink coffee, giggle to themselves, and type away for four hours). The Saturday group meets a block away from my martial arts school. Meaning: I need to sign up for Saturday classes, take pilates and boxing at the MA school in the morning, then hit the cafe and write from noon to three or four, then head home.

It'd be a productive way to spend a Saturday.

Also looking at the logistics of biking to work again. It's supposedly only 10 miles or so. I just need to wait until I've got the funds available for a helmet, tire patching kit, and portable pump. I think I'm at the point where I'm in good enough shape that I can do it no problem.