Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writery Updatery

Now that GW line edits are back safely with my editor, I also have an official "first week of June" turn-in date for book 2, so it's time to polish it up.

Working on getting through the stalled line edits on Black Desert now so I can get it out to first readers by March 1st.

It's good to feel like there's progress again. Things had stalled out there for awhile. A good thing, since it meant I could concentrate on my day job and personal life for awhile, both of which are full of win.

I'll be moving into a new place - an amazing restored Victorian - in this neighborhood come March 20th. Big housewarming party is nigh! (check out some of the other rehabbed houses in the neighborhood here).

It's an amazing house, and it makes me feel old, respectable, and writerly.

Better yet? It's shaking up my life a bit for the better. I always do better work when I'm living my life just a little bit on the edge (like trying to figure out how I'll be paying for heat!).

Honestly, These Speeches Just Keep Getting Better

I haven't been proud to be an American in over 10 years. I'm still, not, particularly, but I have hope that someday soon I will be.