Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Another Day Another Dollar

My long weekend came and went. And look, I'm still here.

Not much going on in the real world -- Kerry actually has a VP that I might have considered voting for alone, so in tandem, well... (the election this year -- as in the last whirlwind around -- is a "lesser of two evils" contest populated by Old White Men. Still. How does this happen?). I love how Bush and Kerry are being toted as "down home" rich old boys, which they are. Nobody's even trying to pretend to be a real person anymore. They have young children wandering around, like a brood of Young Kennedys. Ah, America.

Things I'm more interested in?

Legalized prostitution in Berkley

How to write a Bestselling Fantasy Novel (it's all true)

Thoughts on Ugly Women

And... I've got a whole list of fem history stuff I need to post from another terminal. Catch ya in a few.