Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm Just A Girl! (GamerGrrrlz)

Math is HARD

Daniel Abraham observes:

Ms. L suggests that Ms. M is insufficiently feminist because she is encouraging middle school girls to learn math by pointing out that being smart is not inconsistent with shopping and fashion and the consumerism that all us good lefties decry as bad and which middle school girls seem to think is just too nifty for words. If Ms. M wants to be a good role model for girls, she shouldn't do it (Ms. L suggests) by celebrating Gucci handbags....

Ms. L doesn't want math-smart girls. She wants TOTALLY LIBERATED, SELF-EMPOWERED middle-school girls RIGHT NOW, and anything less than total enlightenment is falling short. Which is great if what you want is the illusion of the moral high ground. And since that's not actually possible, it lets her off the hook for any effort toward incremental change.

True/False? Debatable? Totally on crack?

Have at it.

Condoms Beat AIDS

I mean, it's no worse than that whole guys-dressed-up-as-blobs trying to get through the gate video they showed us in third grade.

Certainly more entertaining.

Off to the Races

Despite th ankle silliness, my sugar's been pretty good the last couple of weeks. A sample from the last few days:







No idea how I'm doing this. A surprising lack of stress, perhaps. I mean: knowing you have health insurance is a beautiful thing.

Also, staying away from those chips at Chipotle? And toffee peanuts?


The Boys Found the Blog

... or, rather, I knew *somebody* at work had found the blog a couple of weeks ago because I found a second IP address sharing the same ISP as my my work IP. I waited around a bit for somebody to say something, but nobody did, so I shrugged it off.

I mean, dude, I work all day with IT guys: all one of them has to do is Google my name, and every hit that comes up is... me.

But today one of the guys came in and said something to somebody else about how he's only a year younger than me....

And my head shot up and I asked, "How did you know how old I am?" In part, I'm sure, because I was waiting to figure out who'd found the blog.

He quite happily directed everyone to where my Ohio coworkers had their suspicions confirmed:

I am, indeed, from the left coast.

In any case, no harm, no foul. Regularly scheduled blogging here won't change, but if I have any awesome work stories, they'll all go in the locked LJ.

Hi, guys!