Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Woe to the Unbelievers

Biology, in the western world, acts almost like the Qur'an in the eastern world - it is the ultimate excuse for why things for women cannot and will not change. In a secular world you are told that inequality rests on nature; and in a religious world you are told that it rests on God's word.

Haunted Alaska

Alaskan ghost stories...

Here's a couple from places I've been:

Circle - Circle Hot Springs - haunted by a former owner, they don't like renovations. Beers often move across the bar on its own. foot steps heard walking across the porch of the rental cabins

Fairbanks - mile 8-12 Chena Hot Springs Road - This road is haunted by ghostly lights. Late at night two lights that resemble headlights follows passing cars. Sometimes it will start to fly and form one bright light and other times it will just look like a fast moving car or truck with bright blue, white and orange colored lights.

(thanks, b)