Monday, July 19, 2004

Random Linkage

And... Some random linkage:

Nick Mamatas on the latest Nonsensical Drivel

The Daily Show on the Free Democratic Tradition of Election Cancellations via Boingboing

You Know You're About To....

You know you’re about to get laid off when –

1) Your job duties consist entirely of printing stuff out for your boss
2) Everyone shows up around 11 and leaves before 3
3) The accounting girls go missing
4) No more Friday doughnuts
5) You’ve begun tracking your internet usage in Excel
6) Your boss comes in to announce he just got past level 8 of Tetris
7) You become increasingly irritated about those blocked internet sites
8) You’ve checked your private e-mail account 343 times in 4 hours
9) When meetings are actually held, they are more often than not closed-door
10) Your e-mail banter with co-workers becomes increasingly infantile
11) You begin color-coding all of your file folders
12) You’ve caught up on all your clips of The Daily Show