Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Eminem has a new song out, Mosh. And you can view the video here. I'll be the first to say it's not a "great" song, but it's angry and pissed-off, and it's one of the best "go-vote" videos I've ever seen put before the Eminem target audience. It's really pretty.

And very, very angry.

I love it.

I do want to say something about Eminem - believe it or not, I'm a big fan. Yea, he's got a lot of misogyny in his songs. Lots of rage and anger, particularly directed at his mother and the mother of his daughter. There's at least one song on the three CDs of his that I have that's so incredibly woman-hating that I have trouble listening to it.


Eminem speaks to something right in my gut. That passionate anger against a society that wasn't made for me. He's trailer trash. White, yes, but no son of money. He's pissed off at everybody and doesn't know who to rail against. And he speaks right from his gut. With anger. And you can hear it in his voice.

I have respect for people who do what others believe they can't do, and do it because they love it - and use those powers for "good." Usually.

The video's a great build-up of rage against Bush, and Eminem fuels it right into the best weapon we've got next week.

Today's Alaska Pic

I'm behind on my new novel draft. Need to finish ch. 1 today. 100 pages by the 20th.

More later...

Today's Alaska Pic

I'm behind on my new novel draft. Need to finish ch. 1 today. 100 pages by the 20th.

More later...

Myst IV

Myst IV is out! Myst IV is out!

Need I say more?

I have very fond memories of lying on my mattress on the floor in my cockroach invested flat in Durban, eating brown rice w/peri-peri sauce and playing Myst III: Exile.

Those were the days.

FCC OKs Cingular bid for AT&T

I wondered why my boss was funneling stuff onto my desk this morning, and why the phone kept ringing...

Here we go:

FCC OKs Cingular bid for AT&T
Commission joins Justice Department in giving OK for $41 billion cellular deal.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday it has conditionally approved Cingular Wireless' $41 billion cash acquisition of AT&T Wireless Services Inc., clearing the last big hurdle for the deal....

A combined Cingular and AT&T Wireless will have about 47.6 million customers in 49 states, surpassing current market leader Verizon Wireless.

This is huge.

I Love My MA School

Yet another reason I love my MA school -

I had noticed that one of the buff boxing women at my MA school, Ray - who I was partnered with once and mentioned in a post a couple months ago - had started wearing her shirt untucked during class. This was a month or so ago, and I hadn't really paid attention to it. She was still banging the crap out of shit, still jump roping, etc.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed she was doing modified situps on her side when we did medicine ball partner situps.

Huh. Weird.

Yesterday, in the changing room, it occured to me that Ray had put on twenty-five pounds in about two months (the untuck-the-shirt-trick works every time).

Hey, I thought, the only people who gain twenty-five pounds in two months are --


"Can you feel anything yet?" Saran, one of the MA veterans asked Ray as she geared up.

"Oh, are you kidding? I've been feeling things for months."

"That's cool."

"Yea. It's cool."

Ray is over four months pregnant.

And she's coming to class and continuing to kick ass.

I LOVE being alive in this century. Ask me what time period I'd choose to be born a myopic woman in, and it would be this one. If we can get over the conservative social pressure, and continue to fight for the rights we've got while expanding on them, we've potentially got an incredible power to live the sorts of lives we all want to live.

As fighting young professionals - pregnant or no - and crazy bed-hopping artists; should we so choose.