Monday, December 31, 2007

At Least I'm Consistent....

I had the same typing speed for the last five years.

82 words

Year-End Wrap Up

1) Rang in new year with new distance boyfriend in California

2) Sent out BioWare writing application

3) Started a receptionist temp job after losing full-time job

4) BioWare writing application rejected, rewritten, resubmitted

5) BioWare application rejected... again

6) Quit receptionist temp job

7) Moved to Dayton

8) Turned down job offer that would require me to move back to Chicago

9) Went to Spain

10) Lost my best friend after lying about dumping distance boyfriend

11) Finished and sent out God's War to a couple agents

12) God's War was rejected by an agent

13) Got hired as a temp tech writer

14) Went to the emergency room

15) Joined a martial arts gym

16) Got hired as full-time tech writer!

17) Got health insurance!

18) Went to the emergency room (again)!

19) Did some revisions of God's War for a publisher

20) Broke up with distance boyfriend

21) Went to Switzerland

22) Started dating Dayton boyfriend

23) Went to the emergency room (again)

23) Broke up with Dayton boyfriend

24) Got back together with Dayton boyfriend

25) God's War got an agent

26) Stopped going to martial arts classes

27) Got new health insurance!

28) God's War got rejected by first publisher

29) Started a new gym

30) God's War got submitted to another publisher

31) Went to the beach for Christmas

32) Broke up with Dayton boyfriend (again)!

33) Started a new financial plan that'll get me a car in a year and a house in two years

34) Signed up for new personal training health & wellness sessions at work

35) Put together a submission package for my Dragon's War series.

35) Ringing out the old year with roommates. Will probably laugh a whole lot.

Fall down seven times...

You're going to fall, you're going to fail. The trick is to learn from your mistakes and not give up. Life is a persistence game. And boy have I been persistent. Maybe stupid. Certainly stubborn. But always persistent.

I've laughed a whole lot this year. Cried a lot, too.

But, mostly - laughed.

Keep on keepin' on.