Friday, August 14, 2009

Rough Nite

J. is out at GenCon til Sunday, so I have this nice big house to myself. Nice change of pace, but I enjoy his company quite a bit. The bed has remained unmade for the last three days...

Trying to save money by trying to eat in and eat reasonably. Failed, but not miserably. Drove around for awhile getting lost. Cheap Friday night entertainment, tho with the price of gas these days, I should have opted for the bike. Would have if my sugar was better. It's been a rough sugar week.

Pod site infection isn't getting any better. May need to pop by Urgency Care tomorrow for antibiotics if it's still red and gooey tomorrow. Antibiotics are a diabetic's best friend.

Life, overall, has been good, but busy. Health annoyances always feel more annoying when life is good. When life is bad, you just come to expect them. Like an old friend.

I need to go write something.