Tuesday, July 15, 2008

By the Numbers, redux

Actual thought tonight, as I prepared for a pre-8:30 bedtime:

"Gee, I don't know why I'm so wiped out and exhausted."

Gee, I wonder.

Numbers this morning were a lot better, but I was running high this afternoon, in part because I think I underestimated the carb count on today's black beans at lunch. So I was running 170-190 pretty much all afternoon, which is less than ideal.

Morning was awesome, though, a nice clean 86-123 until noon, with a 136, which still isn't too bad.

I'm setting my 1am alarm tonight, but not the 3am (yes, I set a 3am alarm last night. What can I say? I'm very cautious with new toys).

I'm already looking forward to Thursday when I get to change the site. They recommend that you keep the omnipod on your stomach/hip/torso area the first week or two, but I really hate having it there. I'd much prefer my arm. Bending over, wearing jeans, situps, etc... it's just not the most convenient place for it. And I can only use one side anyway, because I sleep on my right side.

Anyway, going to bed. Only one sugar check alarm tonight. Huzzah.