Friday, July 16, 2004


I was watching Girlfight again last night, and enjoying it infinitely more now that I had a conception of what exactly it takes to learn stance, do lots of jump roping, and try and get the combo punches down ("watch your footwork!" "don't overextend, snap out, bring it back against your body," "keep your hand up by your face," "watch your chin," and etc. all suddenly had more meaning for me).
I was paired with a guy on Wednesday who was way more advanced than me (it was the first time I'd been paired with someone who wasn't near my own beginner status - my classes with Sifu Katalin have generally just been strength training and Krav Maga), and the guy was going full-board. Even though we were just doing mitt work (I hold up the mitts, he hits them using punching combos, then we switch) and he was actually smaller than me, I found my teeth on edge -- when you get your footwork down and twist your hips right, you hit fucking *hard*, and this guy was just whailing away. He had to assure me several times, "It's OK, I'm not going to hit you," because I caught myself cringing (as this was mitt work, I wasn't wearing any gear but the mitts). Coach Fernando switched out the pairing halfway through the class, and put me back on bag work, but it was a good lesson in the sort of power you can muster once you get this shit right.  
I love it.
I am going to be scary.