Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sometimes Good Things Happen

Got an unexpected call today from Insulet corporation, the makers of the Omnipod.

Insurance had rejected my claim for one last summer, deeming it "out of network" and requiring me to pay the first $4400 up front.

Well. That wasn't going to happen. I have enough medical bills, thanks.

Back in February, Insulet corporation asked me if they could reopen the claim, as they were partnering with another firm to help them get in-network status with a number of insurance agencies. I said sure, hey, why not.

Six or eight weeks ago, they called and said, hey, no dice, but they were going to try and get some kind of "exception" from the insurance company to get them in-network status because they're the only makers of this kind of pump.

Go for it, I said.

Today, I got the call saying my claim had been approved.

Insurance is paying the whole thing - digital remote/meter, testing strips, insulin pods and all.


I don't have to pay a goddamn dime.

I admit, I got a little teary eyed. No more 5:30 am Lantus shot, no more shooting up at the table. I can program the whole thing from the remote, which doubles as my meter.

Should get it at work on Monday.

It's funny, you know. You get so used to bad things happening. Every phone call, every text message, every update, is a bad thing. You stop thinking that good things happen. But for the last year? Good things. Such incredibly good things.

And this is what I told myself through the worst of it, when I was running up credit card debt and running out of cashed-out 401(k) in Dayton, living on expired insulin and the good will of my friends. When I was ready to pack it in I just said, hey, you know, remember when you were 18 and living in Bellingham and thinking up ways to kill yourself to get out of a shitty life and shitty relationship? You thought that was the end. That was it. It was always going to be like that.

And when you dumped that loser and took back your life flew to Alaska, you had two of best years of your entire life. You wouldn't have gotten those two years if you gave up then.

So I didn't give up last year, when I hit rock bottom for the second time in my life. I didn't give up because this year was coming.

And I know there will be horrible times to come, dark times, but we live through those dark times for these ones, for the book deal and the great health insurance and the great job and fun coworkers and good friends and amazing apartment.

You keep going because everything changes, and if everything changes, you have a 50/50 chance that it's going to change for the better.

Things That Suck

A holiday weekend in which one has no money. I have $450 to make it to my next paycheck (and that's after just being paid *today*).

After paying off 3 outstanding medical bills and stuffing $700 toward the credit card, I'm out of cash again, and I have groceries and a Verizon bill to pay out of that $450 (and another $100 toward my last outstanding med bill). Did some freelance resume work, which will bring me my $30 in Chipotle money, but not until next week.


Long weekend of beer, video games, novel work, gymming, and peanut butter cookies ahead.

A year and a half of living like an adult to get me out of debt and in my own house.

Just a year and a half.

Man, this sucks.

Long push to get there.