Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh, the Joys of Antenna Radiation Exposure!

Today we are learning about the joys of antenna radiation over-exposure.

Keep throwing those cellphone antennas on top of your buildings, chiklits!

I Am Growing Soft in My Old Age

Our office is built on a huge swamp over here in Indy. So today we got to watch some of these cross the parking lot and hop up on the curb -

Way too cute. Perhaps the springtime is bringing out my affection for cuteness.

Do Women Deserve the Right To Vote?

Yes, she's seriously asking that question.

First abortion, then contraception, then the right to vote...

Most frightening of all?

These are women arguing to take away these rights from other women.

What a surreal world I live in. It's like being in Eastern Europe during the Russian occupation.

If I'm not stuck in some vile 1980s movie about Soviet oppression, I feel surreally stuck in V for Vendetta (you go, Colbert!).

(via pandagon)