Saturday, August 15, 2009

Urgency Care Tomorrow

What I love about reading Diabetes Mine (she's another Omnipod Pump user) is that pretty much anything that's happened to her while using the pump also, eventually, happens to me. She's got an incredible resource of t1 diabetes information that has really helped me get a handle on my illness and the most up to date info. There's nothing like reading the musings of another t1 who strives for optimum health.

I've been debating about whether to visit Urgency Care for my pump site infection, which, sadly, has not gotten better despite cleaning and dressing twice a day for the last two days (discovered it Thursday night when I pulled off my old pump to change it out).

Finally, I did some googling today and found this post about Amy's own pump site infection, which pretty much looks exactly like mine (only mine is on my thigh, and is redder than hers, as I was silly enough not to jump over to the doc immediately, as she did).

As I cleaned and drained the wound again tonight, I realized that if J. had something that looked this bad, I'd make him go to Urgency Care.

Yeah. Urgency Care tomorrow for me. Bah. I fucking hate doctors.

West Coast Trip Photos

For those who haven't seen them, here's the full set of J and I's West Coast Trip photos.


My God, that was a depressing movie.

Don't get me wrong: the Taliban is utterly fucking depressing (and fascinating. What made the movie are the ways people get around laws enforced by Draconian regimes. I've looked a lot into how Iranians have gotten around these sorts of laws, and it's a good illustration of why a Draconian society eventually breaks down, but I digress). But my God, could we get just one good thing happening for this kid?

I kept expecting her to stand up for herself. Her mother and grandmother basically force her to dress like a boy so she can go out of the house to work. The three of them are starving, her mother's always trying to get a man to escort her (since her husband is dead and she can't go outside without a male relative). But the kid never gets a break. Not once. And she's been so cowed by the system that her disguise... well, let's just say that this girl-dressing-up-as-boy story doesn't end as happily as Alanna's.

What's rough about these sorts of drag-you-down-and-out-constant-badness movies is that they always end up feeling unbalanced. There's some scenes of her jump roping where she appears to be having fun, but basically, all joy, happiness, love, and laughter is totally absent from this movie. I realize some of the lament may be cultural ("if we talk about good things, we'll jinx ourselves, so we must lament our fate"), and a good deal of it is just true... but this really needed a "life can be enjoyable" scene. Just one. Otherwise, life is not worth living, and these women should have all killed themselves by now (and, granted, many women in Afghanistan do and have, but: many don't. Why? It's not just for religious reasons. Even the worst life must have a moment - even fleeting - of joy).

At the same time, the film did what it set out to do, which is allow you to feel a fraction of what it's like to grow up a girl in Afghanistan under the Taliban. This whole time she's running around, I had this sinking feeling in my gut, this low-level terror of getting caught... and what would be done to her when she got caught. Which... inevitably, she is. This isn't a happy ending American movie. Not by a long shot.

I was horrifically sad for the heroine, as well. I wanted so badly to see her stand up for herself, to take an active role, to be an Alanna, basically. But this wasn't about an exception. This was about someone who'd grown up beaten and cowed by a system of oppression. And this is the most likely way things would turn out.

And that sure doesn't make me feel any better about it.

A good film, but don't expect to walk away feeling positive about the current state of the world or how long we have to go.

Facts About Healthcare Reform

I'm all for healthy debate, but please, folks, read the facts before you go debating. Otherwise it's not debate, it's "OMG MY DEEP SEATED FEARS VOMITED IN PUBLIC AND CRAZY KNEE JERK REACTIONS TO DEEP SEATED PERSONAL ANXIETIES AND OMG DEATH PANELS" and that's just... not helpful.

Facts about healthcare reform here.