Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sugar Before Bed: 95

After a two hour MA class.

I am a minor god.

Kick It (Redux)

Since there was a big thunderstorm about the time I usually head to MA class and Steph was home early, she went ahead and drove me out to class. I changed into MA clothes while I was there, but since we got out late, jumped outside after class without changing back into my street clothes and hopped into the car.

Stephanie looked over at my shirt. "`When I See Something I Kick It'?" she inquired, as if I had chosen this shirt myself.

"We all wear them!" I enthused. "It's our uniform!"

"Oh you're kidding me."

"IT IS GREAT!!!!!"

"So you want me to take a picture for your blog?"

"Eh, maybe when I'm in better shape."

"It can be a `before' picture."

I thought that over. "We'll see," I said.

Until then:

Kick it.

Dinner at Applebee's with White Supremicists!

One of the best titles ever, for sure. And it gets better.

"This is our music magazine," racist Kevin interrupts, laying on the Applebee's table a publication that would look like any other indie/hipster music magazine, except that the music it's writing about glorifies Germany's Third Reich and denigrates blacks and Jews.

"We also have a record company," Kevin boasts, in a manner that seems to say, "Even though we're white supremacists, that doesn't mean we can't ROCK!" "We have over 750 CD titles."

OK, For Serious

Honestly, whoever this guy is who writes Dinosaur Comics?

Rapidly on his way to becoming my next Secret Boyfriend.

Here, yes. But most definately HERE.

OK, well, everywhere really.

The Song that Finally Made me Sign up For iTunes

I was listening to Whiskey from a Wire at work today (on headphones of course), and this song came on.

I was suddenly so utterly and completely distracted that I uploaded two copies of the document I was uploading - three times.

Three times, people.

The fact that the acrobatics described in this song assume a female partner didn't even give me pause. In my happy either/or world, I could make most of that work with either partner, which I am bound to do because thinking about sex these days generally puts me in mind of... well. Anyway.

Damn, that's a sexy song.

OK, maybe I've just been thinking too much about sex lately.

Or, more than usual.

I mean, it's less than all the time.


That is a sexy fucking song.