Thursday, April 28, 2005

If You're Old Enough to Get Pregnant, You're Old Enough to Make Decisions Regarding Your Reproductive Health


That's just the way it is.

The world in the palm of a 13-year-old girl.

Yes. It's her body. Her right. Too bad for you, Florida. Maybe you should have been educating girls and women like her, you know, protecting her life and making sure she lived well and had regular check-ups and knew the ins and outs of birth control. Now it's a little late.

Whose fault is that?

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An Open Letter to Joanna Russ

I've read this one before, but I want to bring it up again:

So I'm going to tell you about it, Ms. Russ, because I think I've just discovered another strategy to suppress women's writing. You wrote the book, How to Suppress Women's Writing, describing in gory detail all the different ways that have been used to disallow, prevent, discourage, disbelieve, discredit, devalue, ignore, categorize, debase, forget, ridicule, malign, redefine, re-evaluate, and otherwise suppress women's writing. I'm sure that you meant to warn us with your book--to warn us that the suppressive strategies are still around, armed and dangerous--and that it's important for women to recognize them and to work against them. But still, I remember (or perhaps I imagined) an up-beat ending to your book and I'm surprised that there really is no happy ending. That the business is still going on today...

It was not one or two or a mere scattering of women, after all, who participated in women's renaissance in science fiction. It was a great BUNCH of women: too many to discourage or ignore individually, too good to pretend to be flukes. In fact, their work was so pervasive, so obvious, so influential, and they won so many of the major awards, that their work demands to be considered centrally as one looks back on the late '70s and early '80s. They broadened the scope of Sf exploration from mere technology to include personal and social themes as well. Their work and their (our) concerns are of central importance to any remembered history or critique. Ah ha, I thought, how could they suppress THAT?!

Gotta scream louder. Write better. It'll get done. Trouble is, after it's done, will anybody remember?

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Again, Funny Women Freak Guys Out

It's called reversal. Some people think that it's just hysterically funny--the shit that men do to women. Problem is, it stops being funny when it happens to them. It's not funny, dammit! When it happens to men, it's a human rights violation. When it happens to women, it's just....background. It's normal. Sexism will always be with us. Why do you keep whining, complaining, making people uncomfortable? Why do you let it bother you? Come on, it's not that bad, as it? Go look at women in Saudi Arabia! Why are you so ungrateful?