Thursday, October 21, 2004

Crappy Writers and Crappiness in General

Got another couple flat rejects from agents for crappy query letters for fantasy saga book 1 (6 months turnaround for one of them - for a *query* letter).

"You're a crappy writer I've never heard of. I can't sell three copies of this frickin' crap you crappy writers keep pitching. Fuck off."

Why do I do this shit, again?

Oh, that's right: cause I'm going to write books anyway. I may as well try and sell the goddamn things.

I'm going to rent some movies and drink something.

I've got another novel to work on tomorrow.

Choking on My Morning Coffee:

via atrios

Check out: Spring Break Fallujah

And Notes of All Sorts

Today's mixed bag:

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy in the long-running Vampire Slayer TV series and star of the coming The Grudge, wants to follow Pierce Brosnan as the next 007.

The star says: "I don't see why Bond shouldn't be played by an actress. Everybody else seems to be talked up for the role but so far no female has been considered!"

Go Sarah.

In other news, MSN is helpfully trying to help out poor Men who have this terrible, terrible problem:

Do I intimidate women?
I’m very successful in my career and earn a high salary. Since I’m 43 and never married, I have been able to buy many luxuries for myself unlike many of my colleagues who are married with children. I have a beautiful loft in a posh downtown neighborhood, wear a leather coat in the winter, vacation at spas and top resorts around the world, and my business card says “President.”

However, despite all this, I am usually quite lonely and would love to meet the right woman. When I go on dates, I rarely get a second, and my friends have told me that it’s because I intimidate women. I have dated a range of women from CEOs to secretaries but have not found someone secure enough to pursue me. How can I find a woman who is comfortable with what I’ve achieved?

NOT. Luckily, Amanda puts `em straight.

Speaking of keeping things straight, check out for some fun facts (and some really, really good TV spots) about putting the marriage rights issue into perspective. The deeper I drudge into the politics of gay marriage, the more pissed off I get. The spots take awhile to download: I recommend "Threats" and "Permission" (the Sex Toy one is apparently not work safe...).