Thursday, August 10, 2006

Things I'm Not Doing Right Now

1) Reading My Antonia

2) Finishing God's War

3) Working out

4) Learning how to belly dance

5) Boxing

6) Balancing my checkbook

7) Paying medical bills

8) Printing out a new, freshly rewritten copy of tDW

9) Writing a TipTree Award-winning short story

10) Writing email

11) Visualizing myself fitting back into all my old clothes

12) Fitting into all my old clothes

13) Getting a motorcylce lisence

14) Traveling through Belize

15) Sleeping in an airport in London

16) Teaching myself Arabic

17) Flirting with a cabana boy named Enrique

18) Drinking one of those fruity drinks with the umbrella

19) Eating cheese fries

20) Plotting to overthrow the world

What I AM Doing Right Now:

1) Finishing the last six pages of No God But God

2) Eating a nice chunk of low carb, low sugar chocolate

3) Contemplating World Peace

4) Reading "Finisterra"

5) Plotting the contents of two care packages to various friends

6) Wondering why Diet Dr. Pepper tastes so much like Real Dr. Pepper, and if Dr. Pepper can make diet taste like regular, how come no other cola flavors do?

7) Starting to get sick on the chocolate

8) Recharging my iPod

9) Coming up with witty dialogue for God's War

10) Reminding myself that I'm naturally this size, and the unnatural size was the size I was when I was slowly dying of diabetes

11) Being happy I'm not dying of diabetes (at least, not right away)

12) Putting my old transcripts together so I can sign up for a French class at Truman College in the spring

13) Wondering how long it's going to take me to get back to yoga

14) Admiring my new 0% interest on transferred balances credit card that just saved me from paying 29% interest on the same $1500 I've owed since the last time I went to Europe

15) Planning a trip to Spain

16) Pretending I'm brilliant

17) Savoring the last of that chocoloate

18) Reminding myself that life doesn't start tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year; life just is

19) So really, I should enjoy it

20) Getting back to it

When the LORD Attacks!

For all those who've felt, like me, that you've been STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!

(thanks, Jenn!)

These Are *Not* Short-Needle Syringes

I always worry when a pharmacist screws up and gives me something other than what I've asked for, even if it's "just" a shorter-needle syringe.

It always makes me wonder: what else are they screwing up?