Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Personal Trainers, Oh How They Hate Me

Seriously, I haven't hurt this much since I was doing kickboxing and mixed martial arts classes at POW (man I miss that place)

Ask and ye shall receive.

Job Tips

For my buddies in the middle of job searches (including my Daddio!), here's some stuff to keep in mind:

"Here’s why you’ll need humility: If you are like most people, you will get the shit kicked out of you in the job search. Typically, the job search process is a six month-long, broken, politically-biased, ill-conceived, and poorly-executed racket. For most companies, the candidate’s dignity is an afterthought. Some of what will happen to you will not be fair. It will be expensive and frustrating. The injustice of it all will sting, and raging against the machine won’t help. You will need to forgive your transgressors just to maintain your sanity."

More here.

Morning Reminder