Thursday, November 22, 2007

Perfume: the movie

I really didn't expect them to keep the orgy at the end.

Really, really didn't expect that.

But, there it was, in all its glory.

Actors were so-so, nobody was very well characterized, and I didn't much care when anyone died, but the images were pretty and it's an interesting sort of fable.

Still has the same problems as the book, which I know I blogged about at some point, but can't find in my archives. Suffice to say, the whole "random murder of random women" thing gets old. Why are all 13 scents the scents of women? Would it have had the same effect if he distilled men? Why not? And, you know, I get bored with movies where all the female characters are bought, sold, captured, killed, locked up, mutilated, and/or distilled.

It gets old.

Quote of the Day

"So I've never gotten the bad boy thing... I like good boys. Nice, earnest ones with a scary intellect and a heart of pure tempered carbon steel.. So why did it take me until I was 36 to realize that this is because I'm not a good girl?"

Suddenly, my dating history makes a lot more sense.