Thursday, July 28, 2005

This Logo is a Work In Progress

Teaching myself Photoshop here at work. The logo's a work in progress. I'm having oodles of fun over here, so watch for changes and logo clean-up.

Santorum On the Daily Show


I'm so confused at how guys like Santorum can say this stuff with a straight (ha ha) face. It's a step away from saying people who have sex with people of the same sex aren't actual people, they're fake people. I find it incredibly surreal.

I don't know how long people can just nod along with the crap before they start realizing what's actually being said. I'm waiting for the Great Masses (the 52%) to wake up and go, "Hey, wait a minute! That makes no sense!" Read the rest:

Santorum: No, no. Again, what's society's purpose in marriage? Society's purpose - the reasons civilizations have held up marriage is because they want to establish and support and secure the relationship that is in the best interest of the future of the society, which is, a man and a woman having children and providing the stability for those children to be raised in the future.

Stewart: Wouldn't you say though and with that same thing and I completely agree, although I always thought the purpose of marriage was a bachelor party but that's beside the point. (laughter) But wouldn't you say that society has an interest in understanding that the homosexual community also wants to form those same bonds and raise children and wouldn't a monogamous, good-hearted, virtuous homosexual couple be in society's best interest raising a child rather than a heterosexual couple with adultery, with alcohol issues, with other things, and by the way, I don't even need to make that sound as though a gay couple can only raise a child given failures in other couples.

Proving It's All Just the Same Shit

Oh, the shock, oh the horror.

I bet that without the manly label, it would have cost 50 cents more.

I'm Not Sure Why I Find This So Cool. But It's Cool.

Condensation clouds:

The clouds appear for the same reason that clouds always form, namely, that the air has cooled to the point that the ambient water vapor condenses. Flows around bodies and wings always change the temperature and pressure of the fluid. It is well known that lift is caused by pressure differences on top or bottom of a wing or body so that it ought to be obvious that the pressure varies from point to point in a flow around an object. The fact that the temperature changes can be seen by noting that most fluid flows and nearly every aerodynamic flow are frictionless. In the language of thermodynamics, the flow is said to be reversible or loss-free. Read More


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Looking for a Toilet?

You know those annoying communting days when you're stuck on a train platform and wishing to hell you knew of a public toilet that was open that early in the morning? Or, have you ever been a tourist stuck in the middle of a tourist trap, wondering how the hell to navigate through the hawkers to find a public toilet?

Well, if you live or travel through Australia, no worries (mate - oh, god, I had to say it!). Much like a useful transit map, Australia's got a Public Toilet Map.

No shit (I'm in a mood this morning, gee).

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Signs You've Stayed Too Long At Your Job

Should I feel bad that I pretty much have experienced all of these? Put a star by the one about getting angrier...

You have a lot on your mind, just not work. The work doesn't challenge you and time hangs. "Boredom is a big factor," Hollander said. "When it's just a job, it's time to leave."

Things change, not to your advantage. The boss you got along with so well leaves, or worse, takes on a new favorite employee. Eventually that person gets layered in above you on the corporate ladder, intercepting your access to the boss, taking over plum projects and moving you out of the decision-making loop.

Hollander describes this as "death by a thousand cuts." The change is subtle at first, but your loss of status compounds over time.

Your boss takes you for granted. You do something well and you get pigeonholed as the company expert in that area. Or you're no longer seen as having potential for new projects. Or, just as bad, you're known as the good corporate citizen who'll do whatever you're asked – including relocating multiple times.

You pigeonhole yourself. Hollander knows top performers who stay at their jobs because they don't believe they could succeed elsewhere. "The longer you're at a place, the more you think your success depends on your environment," she said. Or you lose confidence that you can do anything else.

Your mood ranges from angry to angrier. No matter how well-regarded your work is or once was, if you develop a reputation as a depressing crank, colleagues will distance themselves. And that isolation can make you more vulnerable in a layoff.

You feel like hell. Unhappiness can undermine your health, said Paul Spector, professor of industrial and organizational psychology at the University of South Florida. Early signs of excess stress: stomachaches, headaches and insomnia.

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