Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food. Get Some.

Have been a crazy Mad Men fool lately. Look! Here's a picture of some excellent food at Boulevard Haus to distract you!

Am looking forward to upcoming vacation mainly because it means I can unplug from social media pursuits for a whole three days and work on some actual fiction. I've got Babylon and Iron Maiden languishing out there on Dropbox.What's the use of a mobile file management system if you never use it?

Also, boxing classes start when I get back from the Left Coast. Yeah, yeah, delay involves a sprained right finger, which involves a bad dog and a leash. Not nearly as exciting as it sounds.

Man, I'm looking forward to this vacation. Just wish it was another three or four days longer.

Ass-Kicking Heroines Unite

"In her interview with TrekMovie last November, the actress (Zoe Saldana) said that she wanted to "kick some ass" in a fight scene in the Star Trek sequel, and more recently she has revealed that JJ Abrams has agreed to give her that fight scene."

Apparently, she used to pretend she was Ripley and Sarah Conner as a kid. WIN.

See, folks? It's all connected.