Saturday, May 19, 2007

How to Re-tape and Re-paste Your Drywall: Pt 1

Wear comfy shoes. And put plastic over fucking everything.

Invest in a big ole' bucket o' paste.

Remove crappy tape and apply new tape. If you are unable to remove crappy tape job done by contractors, fucking put new tape over it anyway.

Tape tape tape. It is self-adhesive!

Begin paste job. Slather paste. Two slather things work well for this (yes, "slather things" is the technical term).

Fiddle with the light fixtures. This will make the lights in the rest of the room go out.

Take a break.

Keep fucking slathering paste.

Tomorrow, we sand this fucker. Again.

And then Stephanie and I demo and drywall the basement ourselves! (and this time, it will REALLY BE FREE)


Sanding and painting, PART TWO!!!!!!!!!