Friday, September 24, 2004


Today's a writing day. Cleaned up and sent out some stories that have been sitting, bumping up my stories-out count from 3 to 6 (paltry, I know - my highest count was 21 stories out, and that was the year I sold three stories. A good example of the Law of Averages). I have several more half-completed stories I'd like to work on today and see out by the end of the weekend (ha). My goal is to stay at at least 10 stories out. I've been spending too much time on the novels and not enough on shorter fiction.

I'm sure I'll have a rant or two up later, after I hit the post office. Until then, check out Amanda's reaction to the "where have all the fuck buddies gone?" question, and another rant about the "boycott" (read: intimidation campaign) by a bunch of groups in Austin who are pissed off at the building of a new Planned Parenthood (once again, if we were really fighting this mythical "war on terrorism", health-care protestors who threatened to hurt, maim, and kill health care providers would be sitting in Guantanamo. Ha), Katha Pollitt finds Fox news intimidating college voters, and I'm sorry, but, it's just amusing, you must check out the Klingons for Kerry.

Ah, geekdom.

My people.

In other news, I'm listening to The Beatles, and reading The Shapechanger's Wife, which is quite good, though I may rant about it in the near future. I also have a backlash gender analysis of Escape From New York that I really must compose...