Sunday, September 05, 2004

Notes of All Sorts

So, my latest Realms story's finally gotten through the slush pile, though it'll be at least another month before I know whether or not it's gotten through that round, or'll be returned with a Blue Form of Death. Granted, it's been a while since I got one of those: I graduated to Yellow Form of Encouragement some time back. Let's be hopeful and hope that I place this one, OK? I could sure as hell use the money...

I've stalled out on my rewrite again. I'm spinning my wheels with chapter 27 - I have five storylines going on all at once, two of which diverge at this point, and I have a shit load of clean up due to the subplot I added in *after* I finished what I thought was the final draft of book one (biggest note from Clarion: "Civil wars do not make good subplots." I'm bad at taking this sort of reasonable advice). I'm doing some ritualistic cleaning. Still. Again, I don't think this book'll be "done" until somebody buys it and sends it to the printer. Till then, I'll be fucking around with it.

The 62nd annual World SF convention is currently going on right now, and I must admit, I'm a little jealous of everyone who's there, though I had no interest in going to Boston this year. It's quite lonely to read most of my daily blogs and hearing con reports and not being there. Cory Doctorow's got some great pics up (does anyone else think Cory was cuter before he lost weight? Maybe just me... I haven't seen him in person in years). Ah, yes, it's a geekfest. These are my kinds of people... Next year in Glasgow, baby. I'll be there. I miss my people!

Back to writing... er, that is, after me and my buddy Jenn get back from seeing Hero. I hear it's awesome.

More later.