Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Beer Blogging

Beer is great!
It is quite tasty!

Beer is great!
Even when it's late!

Oh yes, oh my!
Beer is so great~!

Oh, Friday, how I love you!!

Stumbling Around on a Friday Mid-morning

Stumbled out of bed at quarter past seven, got my weight/abs routine in, stumbled to the bathroom, spent a bunch of time doing a bunch of dishes and so caught the bus instead of the train to work, which saves me 15 min.

Was here in this office until 8pm last night, so I don't feel bad coming in at 10am, and I'll likely be here until at least 6-7pm tonight, with all these deadlines.

Also, Yellow found out I was being shanghied by other projects, and send out a really nasty e-mail to one of our projects teams about co-opting me.

Oh, it's so lovely to be popular.

Now they need to pay me appropriately.