Friday, February 20, 2009


My God, James McAvoy is hot. The pictures just don't capture it. He's pretty and all, but he goes from nice-looking to hot really quickly on camera. The first few scenes I'm like, "Huh, yeah, generic lead." Then he starts warming up and I fall for him hard. He gets hotter every damn time I see him.

Also, why hasn't Reese Witherspoon played actual leading roles likes this? Please, somebody write me a film where we see more of her range like this. Awesome.

The rest?

I was holding out for her to keep the nose the whole way through. Reads too much like, "Love yourself and you'll magically transform into society's expectation of beauty," (tho the touch with the mother commenting on her looks after the nose vanish was brilliant) not "love yourself, and you'll be just the same - only happier."

Eh, parts of it seemed like progress? Other parts (wicked mother, evil witch, benevolent dad, aforementioned "beauty transformation" and I'm-really-not-buying-these-two-falling-in-love things) not so much.