Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"If I Can Dissuade You From Becoming a Writer, Then You Never Should Have Thought About Becoming a Writer"

"I'm of the perhaps unpopular opinion that anyone who can be dissuaded from writing, should be dissuaded from writing."


I had a dream last night that Yellow had converted to Islam.

I asked him, "What's the worst part about being a Muslim?"

And he said, "I keep hitting my head all the time."

That's what I get for working on God's War right before bed.

Why Dan Brown's Writing is Really Bad

Really, really bad.

(via mumpsimus)

Why is it I Still Get So Excited When I See That Someone's Going to Do a Radio Show "Aimed at Women?"

Because it's the same old story.

Whoopi Goldberg will be doing a radio show "for women", but:

Her voice will be "lighter" than the current crop of predominantly male morning DJs, she says. "I want to have fun."

It's almost like she's afraid of causing controversy.

Her topics will include:

banter on American Idol or Lost, she says. Or chatter on where to find the best hot dog in America. "Not just a good one," she says. But "Who has the best hot dog?"

Oh, come on! I can get that over at Nick's blog!

heh heh

If they really want "ratings" how about talking about Plan B, street harassment, women heroes and atheletes, abortion, how to run for Senate, and whether or not strong women really cause erectile dysfuction?

Now that's a radio show I'd tune into.