Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Life of American Vagabounds

La Vida de Vagabundos Americanos

More Reasons to Take Martial Arts Classes

Because most fights only have to last about this long.


I've been spending the weekend trying to put my book projects in order (OK, Saturday was mostly pancakes, barbecue, and the like, but I was thinking real hard about it. Most of the actual working happened today, while I was still hungover from staying up too late out here).

And today I reviewed, once again, all of the projects I'm currently interested in completing and shopping:

Nyx books:

God's War - shopping
Black Desert - drafting
Babylon - synopsis

Ruusu books:

The Dragon's War - shopping
Over Burning Cities - drafting
Book 3 - rough outline
Book 4 - rough outline
Book 5 - rough outline

Stand-alone guerrilla-girl genocide novel:

The Burning Fields - rough outline/researching

Hell, if I could sell the Ruusu books, that's enough projects to keep me busy for the next ten years. And if I don't, well, there are still enough books about guerrilla girls and holy wars to keep me busy for five or six.

I don't consider this a bad thing. Problem is, I really need to keep other shit off my plate until I finish some of these. Right now the priority list is the Nyx books, followed by The Burning Fields. All the Ruusu books are on hold for now. I think I may need to revisit the concept when I'm a little more skilled.

In the meantime, no more projects on the fucking burner until I have Black Desert in the bag and at least half of Babylon done.


My bills are paid, my account is empty, and I have a bunch of writing stuff to clean up and put together today.