Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some Things I'm Learning About My Sugar

1) It really is better if I get up between 5-7am instead of 10-11 am. My numbers just look better when I get an early jump start on the day. I'll test around 90-100 between 5-7, but by 10-11, my sugar's already risen cause of the whole dawn phenomenon, and I'll come out at 130-160(!).

2) Jelly beans and graham crackers really are some of the best foods for 50s and 60s low sugar episodes. There's little to no fiber and fat to slow down sugar absorption, so you're not getting initial upswing followed by a delayed upswing that you have to correct later.

3) Cooking up my old Alaska staple of meat, carrots, peas, garlic, onion, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and rice *without* the rice is actually just as good, and I can save half a unit of dinner insulin.

Impending Feministacon

"The program schedule for WisCon 31 will go live on April 30, 2007."

So, um, where is it?


Who comes up with this stuff??

"Everything Will Be All Right"

I just received a check in the mail for $502 from my old employer. Apparently, they've just now gotten around to re-purchasing the company stock that I had with them.

Damn, I get by by the skin of my teeth...

OK, technically I owe $110 of this to my endocrinologist back in Chicago and $200 to the podiatrist, but I can afford my minimum credit card payments for May now and MAYBE EVEN JUNE!

Fucking miracle.

The only thing that pisses me off is the huge surprise at just how much money I actually had stuffed away for old age. I've gotten three checks and close to 5K, and that's *after* taxes. All gone now.

So it goes.

Coming Out

"Transgender Canadians are coming out at younger ages than ever before. Support groups for transgender teens report growing memberships, and are sprouting up beyond the major cities in areas such as Kitchener, Ont., and the Niagara region. One by one, school boards are amending their human rights policies to include gender identity...

In recent years, the success of the gay-rights movement has helped to pave the way for transgender rights, some say. For teenagers, the increasing presence of transsexual role models in the mainstream media has helped make it easier to come out at a younger age."

I think you see a lot of this "coming out at an earlier age" thing among gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens as well, mainly because we do now have so many people who publicly identify themselves as being GLBT.

What I like about that idea is that you're no longer neccessarily struggling in the dark for so long to try and figure out what the hell it is you're feeling and what it means and who that makes you.

The downside is that by giving everything a label and a name, I fear that GBLT identities could become just as fixed as het male/female identities (which are changing, but a lot of people still grow up with fairytale templates).

One more reason to knock them all apart.