Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Considering that the first draft of this book was just over 200K, I find it incredibly admirable that I'm getting it down to 140K.

This is going to be the leanest fantasy epic ever.

Trust me.

Have I mentioned recently how great it is to have a job with long down periods where I can get paid $18 an hour to write and edit my own books and drink Starbucks-quality coffee?

It's a charmed life.

Confessionals (not mine!)

"I found these stamps as a child, and I have been waiting all my life to have someone to send them to. I never did have someone."

Good Morning, Chiklits

It's another beautiful day in Chicago-towne.

Good Self Esteem = Better Health Than Weight Loss

No shit.

I'd like them to replicate this with a bigger sample, though - and include men. What's up with all these fucking "weight loss" studies if the "obesity epidemic" has to do with *all* Americans?

Ah, that's right, because women are still targeted more than men. Evil Womanly Fat Takes Up Too Much Space in America. Substantial women are really fucking scary.

Good news is, you can be substantial, scary, and healthy too. Imagine that.

Behavior change and self-acceptance trump dieting hands-down when it comes to achieving long-term health improvements in obese women, according to a two-year study by nutrition researchers at the University of California, Davis.

The findings suggest that significant improvements in overall health can be made, regardless of weight loss, when women learn to recognize and follow internal hunger cues and begin feeling better about their size and shape. Results of the study will appear in the June issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

(via BFB)