Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kids Aren't For Everyone

Continuing with the subject of having kids...

Unless you're absolutely wild about the idea, you probably shouldn't. I must say I admire those who do, but you better be clear about what you're getting into.

Stuck In NY

All five flights out of La Guardia Sunday night were cancelled due to weather. They didn't finally give into this, of course, until about midnght, when we'd all been suffering through unannounced gate changes and assurances that flights would get out at some point, which is why we sat through 7 or 8 hours of waiting time in the airport instead of taking the 10 hour bus ride to Chicago. People were so pissed of that the desk agents had to call security.

Got rescheduled for 3pm on Monday (missing work I can't afford to miss), got delayed again at the gate, got out onto the tarmac and waited, then heard air traffic control had put a stop on all planes going into Chicago. We spent nearly an hour sitting on the tarmac. Me and the girl next to me had been at the airport the night before, and we were pretty much resolved to spending yet another night in NY. I love B and everything, but I seriously couldn't afford to spend any more time in NY. We got to sit around on Monday and snuggle and eat pizza, but missing another day of work for Tuesday...


Anyway, miraculously, we got clearance to go ahead and go over the big storm that was blocking Chicago from the northeast, and the pilot navigated through no problem.

Long weekend. Wish it could have been longer, actually. I need a new job. Got a call from a woman at Washington Mutual who saw my resume on Monster.com (this really does work - I've gotten three or four calls from people through just posting a resume there) who wanted me to work out in Vernon Hills.


No. It's the loop or nothing, at this point. I want a shorter fucking commute.

And more money.