Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Shuffle

I held out the hope of hitting MA class tonight right up until about 4pm, when I discovered that I was still hobbling around the office like an old woman.

Stephanie saw me painfully shuffling around the kitchen this morning and said, "Boy, I bet you're sore."

"I hurt like hell."

"Didn't you take any anti-inflammatories?"

"Um... no?"

"Are you drinking a lot of water to rehydrate and help your muscles repair themselves?"

"Um... I'm just drinking the same amount of water."

"Are you doing anything that isn't bad so I don't feel like I have to nag you?"

"Um... look at my bicep, isn't it KEWL???!!!"

Saturday it is.

By the Numbers

So, I got my first paycheck for a full week of work yesterday, and did the math.

With what I'm making a week, after taxes, I'm making a grand total of:

20K a year.

I'm now working 40 hours a week to make $85 a week more than I was getting when I was on unemployment.

20K a year.


What's the poverty line again? Half that, maybe. And the only reason I can make it on this is because I don't pay rent or utilities. Also: no health insurance, no benefits.

Boy, I sure am glad I got all that education just for shits and giggles, cause if I was expecting paychecks...