Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More From the Fighting Life

This is the first week of four days worth of classes - Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs (and the usual jogging and/or bike riding for fun on the weekends). This gives me four in a row, and double-up potential on Mon and Weds in the future. I realize that saying this to, say, fit people whose body makes up their temple or their occupation (dancers, pro-boxers) might be laughable. But for a sedentary writer-type who'd rather be reading, it's not half bad.

As of this month, I've been working on fighting technique and upgrading my fitness level from "twenty minutes on the elliptical and some dinky free weights" to I WILL BECOME A SUPAH NINJAH for four months.

Not bad.

I'm having a good time.

Continuing Worklife... Yes, it Goes On

There really are people with jobs like this.

People who get paychecks for just... coming into work. I thought this was an illusion. It is not. I haven't really done any work since June.

My office space looks a bit like my college dorm room did, only the sticky notes affixed to my computer have vendors' names and addresses and project numbers instead of story notes. But here at my left elbow are 150 manuscript pages I'm revising, and a yellow notepad upon which I've got book pacing/layout notes for the stand-alone fantasy I'm working on for my next novel project. I've got a copy of Zelazny's Guns of Avalon sitting out (yes, yes, I'm only 2 chapters from the end - I keep getting interrupted by reading other things), and I've just cracked open a can of diet dr pepper and set it next to my stash of CDs. I'm listening to the soundtrack to The Hours. There's a packet of dried apricots here that have been stored in my outbox for the last week.

I'd like to think that this is my reward for doing all the admin. work for $12M worth of projects this year. Either my boss has forgotten to fire me (which is a possibility), or I'm viewed as such a valuable asset that they don't want to lay me off and risk losing me to another job just as they sign on for another project.

That's the great thing about being in a big firm: they have the resources to retain you and your writing habit.

Today's Mixed Bag of Goodness

So, here's what happening: is the President dumb, or is he just playing a dumb guy on TV? Aaron McGruder, the creator of the comic strip Boondocks, said out loud what no media pundit has dared to say. And check out Michael Moore's Letters From Iraq.

In other news, courts in Brazil ruled unanimously that same-sex couples had to be treated as married in matters of state: Brazillian law blocks the spouse and relatives of an elected official from succeeding them in office. There's gonna come a point when treating people as married *some* of the time and not *all* of the time is going to get pretty stale. Wake up, America. Also via Alas, A Blog - check out this discussion about the decriminalization of women involved in prostitution. What happens if you decriminalize the women and start agressively going over pimps and johns? If nobody *buys* something, there's no use selling it, right?

For those interested in the bubbling around Mt. St. Helens (I grew up in an area where you could see St. Helens from the surrounding hills), Jay Lake has been doing a Mountain watch. Want it live? Check out the Volcano Cam here, or get up-to-date info here.

Prepping for the Next Debate

Yes, chiklits, there's another debate tonight. Should be sunny!

For those who missed the Daily Show's wrap-up of the last debate, go be entertained here.

And now... here's your viewing guide for tonight, stolen shamelessly from World O' Crap:


Vice President Cheney
5 feet 10 inches

North Carolina Sen. John Edwards
Height 6 feet


CHENEY: Projects gravitas (i.e., oldness). Has held lots of government jobs. Commands an operational Death Star. Pact with Satan gave him unknown powers, plus a nice portfolio of Halliburton stock.

EDWARDS: Good looks, dazzling smile, great hair. Came from blue-collar background - uses it to show he identifes with problems of working people. Skilled orator. As a trial lawyer, knows Jedi mind tricks.


CHENEY: Speaks in monotone. Looks like your grumpy jr. high principal. Responsible for quagmire in Iraq. Couldn't care less about jobs, insurance, old people, or what will happen to orphans after he forecloses on mortgage.

EDWARDS: Still serving first term in Senate - has never started a war, or been a wartime VP. Never killed a man just to watch him die -seems too nice to go for opponent's jugular. Not a member of the Trilateral Commission.

Track Record

CHENEY: In 2000 debate, some said he seemed less dour than Joe Lieberman. Had Democratic opponents in House races in Wyoming whacked; claims victory in those debates too.

EDWARDS: Seemed sunny, nice, likable during Democratic primary debates - all the pundits said so. Not used to debating while seated.

Task this Time

CHENEY: Push message that John Kerry is a francophile poofster whom the terrorists want to win so they can attack U.S. again and kill your children. Claim that Edwards lacks the experience and ruthlessness to kill Kerry and assume the presidency, if required.

EDWARDS: Goad Cheney into snarling "go f-- yourself", or "I'll get you yet my pretty; you and your war hero too!" Get him to make funny and/or scary faces for the camera. Make fun of his baldness in hopes he has heart incident. Bring up WMDs frequently, and aks him if HE knows that we were attacked by al Qaeda, not Saddam. Smile a lot.

Always Take The Batteries Out

Fellow travellers:

When discarding your sex toy at the airport, please remember to take the batteries out *before* you throw it away (I mean, come *on* this is vibrating sex toy 101, people).

Thank you.

via Bent Fabric