Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jon Stewart is Still My Secret Boyfriend

I love The Daily Show.

This clip rocks.

You can check out more recent goodness here.

And, Just For Laughs

Well. I'm laughing.

The Good Housekeeping Way vs. The Real Woman's Way.

I Know Your Vote Will Be Evil, But..

I just e-mailed my Republican little brother:

"I know your vote will be EVIL, but have you voted yet?"

This is the first election he's been old enough to vote in.

I'll also be following atrios' blog for updates. For the more conservative, there's also L.G. Footballs, though I won't link there, as I don't want them linking back here, wrecking havoc in my comments section, and threatening to kill my first born child (you think I'm joking?).

Vote Early. And Vote Often

Hopped across the street and voted before heading to work today (for some reason I thought the polls were open from 8am to 8pm. In fact, they were open here around 6am). Linda, one of our architects, just voted in the US for the first time (she's orginally from Poland). She found it quite exciting. And a lot easier than she expected, apparently. Her first exclamation upon entering the office: "I'm so glad it's over with!"

At Washington station, there were at least six people handing out Kerry/Edwards stickers. At Cumberland, there were another four or five. I'm wondering if these are Moveon.org people.

All in all, I'm glad to be done with it. If you're not yet done with it (this means you, mom), head over to your local polling place and get it over with. Remember that electoral-vote.com is going to attempt continuous updated coverage. I'll be staying home from kickboxing tonight to prepare a Voter's Day dinner, drink a couple of beers, and see what happens.

So, as they now say in Afghanistan: Vote Early. And Vote Often.