Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Hidden Costs of of Living in a Hypermasculine Culture

"The trouble with manhood, American-style, is that it is maintained at the expense of every man's feminine side -- the frantically repressed Inner Wussy -- and the demonization of the feminine and the gay wherever we see them."

I do love that even in an article about how we demonize the feminine, the feminine is still described as the "Inner Wussy."

And Miles To Go

Temp work until 12:30 today, followed by one interview at same place I'd been temping that's looking for somebody to assist one of the investment brokers. Bike ride home, lunch, bus ride downtown for second interview for a receptionist/project assistant position that's got a commute out to fucking Springboro and a 7:30 am start time.

Collapsing now.

I have a follow-up second interview with investment firm tomorrow at 9am (they had others to see this afternoon). Both positions are open because they've had temps either burst into tears and quit or just not show up. Repeatedly.

I always end up getting called in for jobs that no one else will do. Ha ha.

There are two big problems with my resume. The first being that I've only stayed at one job longer than a year, and the second... my Master's Degree.

Everybody expects that I'll ask for 60K. And yeah, it would make sense that I'd want 60K... (which I do!) until you look at aforementioned job history where I've never been anywhere more than 3 years. You need to work up to that salary. And work somewhere where you can do that. I just never cared about my jobs all that much. I'll put in my 8-5 and work my butt off when I'm there, but when I'm done for the day, I'm done. I don't bring work home.

I'd rather be writing.

Both promising interviews, but only one that I want. C'mon investment firm with the 3-mile bikeride commute!

At this point, of course, beggars can't be choosers, but I wouldn't mind a little frosting with my toast.