Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things Which Are Retarded

Downloading OpenOffice on a pirated wireless connection. I just don't have any interest in unplugging my hardline from my shiny desktop.

But my pirated printer won't work on my Vista machine (without a lot of canoodling by the not-Boyfriend, and I haven't heard from him in three or four weeks), and my OpenOffice training schedule won't print from my laptop, so we find ourselves in this situation.

Silly rabbit am I.

My Kingdom for a Cookie

They've had boxes and boxes of cookies leftover from the company picnic this weekend, and today I finally gave in and snatched two of them.

The carb count was 26. I figured that was what, a serving size of two cookies?

Oh no, that's for just one cookie. A whopping 52 carbs for two cookies.

Seriously, why did I just eat this?

Also, seriously, I'm frickin' tired of thinking about what I'm eating all the time.